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  • Contact us for pricing and installation details.

  • We can start setting up your account over the phone.

  • Typically, we can perform the installation within a few days of your call.


  • Full payment for the installation, if any, and the initial tank fill up is payable on location upon completion of the installation.

  • Initially, your account will be set up on a C.O.D. basis until the 1 year anniversary of your account set up.

  • After that, you can either submit a $250.00 deposit, that will insure you a 30 day credit account (allowing you 30 days from the date of your gas deliveries to pay the amounts due in full), or get set up with a budget account.


  • C.O.D. You pay our driver during delivery or the expected delivery total is prepaid.

  • NET 30 DAYS By submitting a security deposit, you are given 30 days to pay for your delivery.

  • BUDGET This is the easiest way to pay. Beginning in August and ending 10 months later, you are given a monthly payment based on your previous usage, market futures, and available contracts.


On the day of your installation, one of our qualified servicemen will;

  • Set and level your tank(s)

  • Install the gas line and regulators

  • Perform a gas check to ensure proper installation

  • Most gas appliances are required by law to have both a shut-off valve and sediment trap (drip-leg), so our serviceman can supply and install these if necessary


  • Bulk tank customers should call our office when the gauge on their tank reads 35% so that we can schedule their delivery appropriately.

  • During the winter months, demand is high and calling in at 35% allows our drivers ample time to make a delivery before the tank runs empty.

  • 100 pound cylinder customers should call for a cylinder when the red indicator at the regulator is visible. 


RBG Mobile App.png

Have you looked at your tank gauge lately? With our tank monitoring service, you don’t have to! Download the app and you can monitor your tank from your phone. Get alerts when your tank percentage reaches a certain level, and you can even place an order to fill your tank. All directly from the app. Just imagine, NO MORE RUNNING OUT OF PROPANE! The service is free if you sign up for our auto-fill program and $9.99 per month without the auto-fill service. Just provide us with your email address and credit card information at the time of your service request. Auto-fill customers are also required to have a credit card on file. Email us, call us, or stop by one of our offices to request this new and exciting service.

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