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After establishing Rutland Furniture Company in 1947, it became apparent to our founder, Arnold Grate, that people needed a more efficient form of cooking and heating. As a result, Arnold started a cylinder delivery business in Meigs County and began to see his business grow significantly from there.

From 1960 through 2011, the company exponentially grew to offer a variety of products and services from several satellite locations throughout Ohio. This expansion provided us with the resources to better serve the needs of our customers in the years since.

Of the company's 8,500+ accounts, approximately 90% are residential. These residential customers are spread out over 18 counties in Ohio and 8 in West Virginia. The majority of these accounts are in remote, rural areas where natural gas has never been, and more than likely will never be, an option. Many residential customers prefer gas heat because it is easier and more efficient than wood and cheaper than electric. 


The commercial accounts that we carry include county school systems, construction companies, hotels, automotive dealerships, factories, greenhouses, food establishments, convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, farms, gas stations, and more.


Our company offers far more than just propane though. We offer a wide variety of products and services for all of your gas related needs.


Arnold Grate founded Rutland Bottle Gas with faith in God, hard work, and friendly and reliable service and we work hard to make sure that his vision still holds true today.
















  • Rutland Furniture Company was established.

  • Cylinder delivery business was established.

  • Longtime, recently retired general manager, Bill Coy, was hired.

  • Bulk propane delivery started being offered.

  • The company expanded to Athens County.

  • One of Arnold's sons, David Grate, began working in the furniture business, continuing the family legacy.

  • Arnold appointed David as president of the company.

  • Company founder, Arnold Grate, passed away.

  • An aggressive growth program went into effect.

  • Property was purchased in McConnelsville and Torch, Ohio where satellite plants were established allowing expansion to new areas and providing additional storage.

  • Property was purchased in Jackson, Ohio where an additional satellite plant was established.

  • Land was leased to establish a satellite plant in Gallipolis, Ohio.

  • Property was purchased in Logan, Ohio where an additional satellite plant was established.

  • A satellite plant was constructed in Pickaway County, between Circleville and Lancaster, Ohio, which provided a convenient refilling location for central Ohio delivery routes.

  • Numerous customers have been added, trucks have been updated, more employees hired to meet the growing needs of our customers, and the entire Weber Grill line was added.

  • In the fall of 2021, we added our latest plant in Sandyville, WV.  We can now service the areas of Sandyville, Ravenswood, Ripley, and surrounding areas of West Virginia.

  • We updated our back office software and now have an online portal for our customers.

  • We now have tablets in our trucks.  This new in-cab delivery system will help us be more efficient in our deliveries. Our service Tech’s will start using tablets to simplify our paperwork load.

  • Our phone systems have been updated.

  • Cash registers have been updated at both locations.

  • We are now offering tank monitors to our customers. This will be a free service to our Auto fill customers. And yes! There’s an app for that!

We do all this and more so that we are better suited as we move forward to meets our customers growing needs.

We’re not done yet!


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