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Warmer weather is finally here and we’re just beginning to enjoy it. We know you
want to put the cold of winter behind you, but we want to let you in on some great deals to save you money on your winter propane.


For our bulk tank customers, we are offering a pre-buy option.


You can choose the number of gallons you want to purchase for your winter deliveries. These gallons will be at a special locked-in rate.


Just call one of our customer service representatives for all the details. All gallons must be paid for in advance.


If pre-buying your gallons is not for you, maybe our lock-in option is a better fit.


With this option you will pay a non-refundable price protection fee to lock in your rate for your winter propane.


You will pay for deliveries as they are made throughout the winter season and your price will remain the same for each delivery. Propane prices rise throughout the winter, but your price will remain the same.


We also offer a budget plan. Budget customers will have a fixed rate per gallon and Must make regular monthly payments. The amount of the payments is determined by past usage and will be calculated by our customer service representatives.


Budget plans run from September to June. Accounts must have a zero balance to be eligible for a budget plan.

As if these deals weren’t enough, we have more ways to save you money. Pay close attention cylinder customers because we have something for you too. Keep reading!


Bulk tank customers, if you refer someone to our company and they have a tank set with us, on your next delivery, we will give you 25 gallons of LP for free, and your referral friend will also receive 25 gallons for free.


If you refer 4 people and they all get a tank set with us, that’s 100 free gallons for you! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.


If your friend owns their tank, a customer owned tank, but would like us to become
their provider, you will receive the free 25 gallons and after their initial fill, your
friend will also receive 25 free gallons.


100# Cylinder customers, are you ready to receive a free cylinder?


All you have to do is refer a customer to us and once they have a cylinder set with us, you will be credited with one free cylinder on your account. Your referral will also be credited with a free cylinder to their account. The cylinders must be ordered within one year of the date of the installation.



Maybe you’re tired of running out of propane because someone forgot to check the gauge on the tank. Perhaps you’re a snowbird, or you own a getaway cabin and can’t be there to check the tank. Guess what? We’ve got you covered with our autofill program.


Autofill customers are required to have a credit card on file so we can charge it once the delivery is made. We also require an email address. Once we have your email address, we will set you up with access to our customer portal and when your delivery is made, you will be notified.


How do we know when you need a delivery? We will install a tank monitor at the tank, and it will alert us when you are ready for a delivery. You don’t have to call into the office to place an order, we do that for you. You don’t have to call in with a payment or send in a check. We run your card and credit your account with the payment.


Another great thing about autofill is that it is a free service that we offer to our customers.

Okay, now you have a question don’t you? You’re thinking, what if I have a bulk tank and I know someone who needs a cylinder set. Or what if I’m a cylinder customer and refer someone for a bulk tank set? Can I still get rewarded if I refer them? You bet you can! A bulk customer will get 25 free gallons and the cylinder customer will get one free cylinder.

If you meet our eligibility requirements for any of these plans and want to participate in them, please call or offices for more information at 740-797-4675 or 740-742-2511. You are also welcome to stop by one the offices in Rutland Ohio or in The Plains Ohio.


In order to be eligible for any of our promotional or seasonal plans, we do have some requirements.



All payments for pre-buy gallons must be paid in full on or before August 31st, or the agreement will become void, and the price will revert to the current retail price. There will be no delivery for pre-buy gallons until the plan is paid in full.


All outstanding balances need to be paid before the next scheduled delivery or within 30 days, whichever comes first.


Without payment the pre-buy and price lock plan agreements will become void, and the price will revert to the current retail price for the remainder of the heating season with no refund.


Minimum delivery is 200 gallons in 500 gallon and larger tanks and a complete fill in all other tank sizes.


Emergency deliveries will be charged an additional fee plus all other fees associated with a delivery. However, these fees do not apply to autofill customers because they have a 24-hour emergency guarantee.


A zero balance or credit balance is required to be considered eligible for any of the summer rate programs.


If you are receiving government assistance to help with your propane needs, please
contact one of our customer service representatives to determine if you are eligible to
participate in any of these programs.


All deliveries are subject to any and all fees and taxes that may be associated with the delivery. This includes delivery fees and or leak checks.


If credit card payments are declined for your delivery and we cannot reach you, there will be no further deliveries made until the outstanding balance is settled on the account. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO ENSURE THAT ALL OF THEIR INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE. THE COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU RUN OUT OF LP BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO MAKE SURE YOUR INFORMATION WAS UP TO DATE.


A signed contract must be on file with the company.


Budget customers must make ALL monthly payments. Skipping payments will result in being removed from the plan.


All accounts with outstanding balances must make payments in a timely manner or they will be subject to penalties which could include being removed from a price plan, finance charges, or tank lock out.


No refunds will be given on Free promotional gas or Free promotional cylinders.


Customers who are already participating in a group pricing plan are not eligible for the promotional plans that offer free propane or cylinders.

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