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   After establishing Rutland Furniture Company in 1947, it became apparent to Arnold Grate that people needed a more efficient form of cooking and heating. As a result, Arnold began a cylinder delivery business in the Meigs county area. Friendly and customer service oriented, Arnold began to see his business grow significantly. In February of 1959, Arnold hired the current general manager of Rutland Bottle Gas, Bill Coy. In 1960 Arnold decided to enter into the business of bulk propane delivery. This business grew quickly, and in 1962 Arnold expanded his propane business into Athens County. Bill Coy was placed in charge of operations in the Athens County area. 1968 saw the hiring of David Grate, one of Arnold's sons, who began working in the furniture business. Business continued to increase over the years and in 1983, Arnold appointed David company president. After the passing of Arnold in 1989, the company started an aggressive growth program. In 1992 property was purchased in McConnelsville and Torch, Ohio. Satellite stations were established in both locations. These sites proved to be a most valuable investment as they allowed the company's expansion into new areas, as well as furnishing extra storage. In 1995 land was purchased in Jackson, Ohio. Following the purchase of the land a satellite plant was established in Jackson. A satellite plant was also established in Gallipolis, Ohio on leased land in 1995. 2007 brought about the purchase and installation of yet another satellite plant, this time in Logan, Ohio. In 2011, a satellite plant was constructed in Pickaway County. Positioned between Circleville and Lancaster Ohio, this plant provides convenient refilling for our central Ohio delivery routes.This multi-year expansion provided the company with the tools to better serve the needs of the customer in the years since. 

    Rutland Bottle Gas is primarily a supplier of propane to residential customers. Of the company's over 8,500 accounts, approximately 90% are residential. These residential customers are spread out over 18 counties in Ohio and 8 in West Virginia. The majority of these accounts are in remote, rural areas where natural gas has never been, and more than likely will never be, an option. Many residential customers prefer gas heat because it is easier and more efficient than wood and cheaper than electric. 

   The commercial accounts that Rutland carries include county school systems, construction companies, hotels, automotive dealerships, factories, greenhouses, food establishments, convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, farms, gas stations, and more. 

   Rutland Bottle Gas offers more than just propane. The company also sells vented and unvented space heaters, gas fireplace systems, Gas Ranges, and above and underground propane tanks. Rutland Bottle Gas also provides many services such as - heater and fireplace installation, tank installation, gas leak checks and heater repair. Arnold Grate founded Rutland Bottle Gas with faith in God, hard work, and friendly and reliable service. His vision still holds true today.

Founder Arnold Grate and his wife Mildred.
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